Fixing The Heater

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Nadav had a problem. It was the middle of December and his and his family’s apartment in Ramat Beit Shemesh Gimmel’s heater wasn’t working as well as he wanted it to. What was Nadav to do?

Like any Israrepairing-heatereli Jew, with connections to the Anglo world, Nadav tried to find a repairman via the Secret Jerusalem Facebook group. They all recommended one company. 100 Tikkunim. Mea Tikkunim was a fairly new repair company that had already began maintaining a great reputation. Nadav’s wife Sara was not so sure about this. “ I don’t know” she told Nadav. “ You sure this isn’t mad way to expensive” she said. “ We need to pay for stuff for our so and daughter.” The couple had two beautiful children. “ Ya it should be fine” said Nadav. “ I did a lot of price comparison type work” said Nadav. The two waited a few hours for when the repairman would come and fix up their heater. Sure enough, as is typically the case in Israel, the technai came about 45 minutes early. In twenty-seven and a half minutes he completely fixed Nadav and Sara’s heater and it was up and running all over again. “ This guyheater-repair was great” thought Sara. “ How much do I owe you?” Nadav asked the technai. “ 300 shekel” he replied. Fairly good deal the couple thought to themselves. They paid the technai and he went on his way driving into the night sky. It was pretty crazy that they were to get someone to come after 5:30. Really helped the couple so they didn’t need to take to much time off from work. There children, home from Gan played on the carpet due to it being a little bit cold outside. Soon Sara announced dinner. It was a good meal. At the same time it was a fairly simple one because Sara really needed to take time and effort to prepare for Shabbat in the best and most careful way possible. At least this was the plan for this young Ramat Bei Shemesh couple. So after the meal the kids and Nadav benched. Nadav then learnt a little bit with his young children and prepared to put them to bed while Sara began to make the necessary preparations she needed to make to have one of the best Shabbatot for her and the rest of her entire family. To quote a Six13 parody she knew that parodized the Black Eyed Peas song “ I’ve got a feeling”  Sara had a feeling that “ Shabbat is going to be a good night. So Sara prepared the soup, the kitchen, the salad etc to make sure that her, her husband and their two children had a lot of enjoyment from the great Shabbat meal she was prepping up. Eventually, at 10:30pm (or in this country honestly 22:30) she realized she had a few little preparations to do here and there. She was basically there about a week ago. Check out for all of your repair needs and much more.

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