Knick Knacks

knick knacksI broke so many things as a kid. And I can tell that my own kids have not fallen far from that tree. They are boys and they are rowdy, but I wouldn’t have it another way. I mean, there is this fear of parenthood, sure. But I have already made my peace with the fact that we all screw up our kids, it is all a question of how we screw them up. I want to mess them up in my own special way. They have the rest of their lives to fall into conformity and sheep like behavior (if they so choose), but as long as they are under my roof, they will be taught my brand of living, and that also means that a lot of stuff is probably going to break along the way. Let’s hope this is contained to unsubstantial physical objects and inconsequential material knick-knacks.

That’s how I want it, that is how I desire it, and that is how it has so far been manifesting itself. Thankfully, I also have the ability to cope thanks to my wife, which is totally on board. She, too, wants boys which may do some damage and think for themselves. It is of the utmost importance to be onboard with this ‘children raising’ thing. I don’t know how some couples can have so many conflicts having to do with raising the kids. It is this kind of thing which could break a couple up, and it is not fun no matter how you look at it. You take a nice couple, throw in a couple of kids,knick knacks 1 and BAM, you have got yourself a real mess sometimes.

But there is no avoiding this, if you want to have kids in your life. If you have already decided that kids are not for you, I completely understand. Parenthood is not for everyone, no matter what they tell you. No amount of pressure of any kind is going to be enough to change the minds of those who are not into it. Will they regret it at some point? Maybe. Who’s to say. But to make such general sweeping statements as some people do? It is a real joke. There is no telling what goes on behind closed doors, be they physical doors or ones of the mind. You can’t make the assumption to know what is going on in any other person’s life.

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