The Importance of Good Grammar

grammerGood Grammar is not something which you want to take for granted. It is something that will take a tremendous amount of effort. An advanced program like Grammarly will be able to help you to detect many grammar errors. However, even with Grammar good grammar is something which still needs to be worked on. I mean a program like Grammarly will help you only so much. Grammarly can detect grammar when it applies to essays or other important writing assignments and don’t get me wrong like a physical human being that can act as a second set of eyes Gramamrly also does a very good job at this but what about the grammar we use in day to day speech? How can Grammarly help with that? The answer to this question (as explained on EduMuch) is if you just run your writing assignments through Grammarly and use it as your primary proofreader, especially if you struggled with grammar in the past and honestly that is probably why you are using grammarly in the first place could create a really serious problem. This raises an even greater question will sophisticated grammar checking software like Grammarly or similar programs cause people to be lazy and not perfect their grammar at all, causing them to have terrible grammar when they speak publicly? While many may think that the answer to this question may be yes I personally disagree and feel no. This is not what is going to happen. I mean it could but I believe I have the best solution to prevent it. Be on top of your grammar in speech and here are some tips I have to make this plan effective:

grammyimage1) Teach your kids/students how to speak with great grammar from a young age. Don’t wait until your child is applying to college to hear that they told the University of Maryland at their interview that they don’t have no AP Biology so that is why I took AP Psychology until the amenities to provide for that class were taken away. Or have your 17 year old ask you if he can borrow the car because Billy (his brother) and me are going to see a movie). Hopefully you realized the sentence should be Billy and I. Speak to them using proper grammar, read to them and make sure they read and not just watch TV and movies. There are so many great books out there. Start out with simple stuff and then have them built it up but show them you are excited about reading and then they can be too. This should help a lot with their grammar skills

2) When they start to use Grammarly teach your children and students that Grammarly is only as good enough of an educational aid as any other aid (aid being the key word). However, stress to them how they still need to know grammar tell them that Grammarly may not always work maybe even have them test out a scenario where the power goes out. Just some tips so your students and kids can still use Grammarly while speaking with proper grammar.

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